Serviced Office

Elbaris T. Business Centre provides a friendly and cosy working environment to customers from different companies and suits for different business types.

Encircling by Hotels from all directions in the heart of TST, customers are easy to travel to contact you. Elbaris T. Business Centre is a newly decorated office. Concerning you as a businessman/businesswoman will stay long in the office, we option for the best materials to furbish this business centre with radiation free bricks and formaldehyde free wall painting. Giving you a fresh and healthy environment, you will be rewarded with multiplied work efficiency.

Backed up with emergency lighting, fire sprinkler system, ventilator and air-conditioner all at once fitted in every individual room from our Business Centre, we dedicate to offer a healthy cosy workplace for you to operate with focus.

Serviced included are :

Features included are :

Services included in the fee are:
•Equipped with office furniture including office desk, swivel chair, and cabinet 
•24 hours access 
•Free broadband wifi internet service
•Free water supply
•Serviced office provide dedicated room in different sizes for selection
•Discounted price on conference room rental
•Immediate occupancy
•Short and long term leases available with Flexible Lease Terms
•Business could start at anytime once the registration is done. We provide flexible lease terms and a variety of options to your office size.

Feature :
•Prime Location
•Modern High-end Office Furniture
•Ergonomic Human Scale Office Seating
•Private Offices and Meeting Rooms
•Beautiful Hotel View
•24 Hours Entry with Secured Access (CCTV Monitoring)
•Free Wi-Fi with broadband 1000m